I think the role of the arranger is to bring out as best as possible the essence of what the composer or director has in mind. In practice, this be as involved as writing fully-scored orchestral arrangement, or can be as simple as writing band-charts. I am most comfortable in Rock, Funk, Jazz, and Classical idioms, but versatility is a strength, and I am always keen for new challenges and to expand my voice as an arranger. This can be seen in my arrangement work with Al-Murtaja and in my composition 'Lull' for Sitarist Jasdeep Singh-Degun. 

Arrangements w/o Media:

Arrangements for The Opera Shack,  Allegrodance Touring Company, and Al-Murtaja: The Music of Sudan event at Berklee College of Music directed by Mohammed Araki

A Lark Ascending - Ralph Vaughn-Williams originally for orchestra

Reduced for Piano Quartet and Violin Soloist for the Sono Ensemble who I am also the arranger for https://www.sonoensemble.com/our-story

Escape From the City for Singer, Rock Band, and Orchestra - Sonic Adventure 2 - originally by Jun Senoue, Ted Poley, and Tony Harnell. Written for the Manchester Video Game Orchestra

will be coming soon

Peace of Akatosh by Jeremy Soule featured in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. For Orchestra and Choir

Theme from Battlefield 2 by Fredrik Englund, David Tallroth, and Jonas Östholm. Transcribed and arranged for Orchestra. Oriiginally written to be performed online in isolation.

Priscialla's Song by Marcin Przybyłowicz featured in the Witcher 3. Originally composed for Voice and Lute, this arrangement fleshes it out in an orchestral setting.

Total War: Suite with pieces by Jeff Van Dyck From Rome: Total War & Total War: Medieval II. 4 various songs transcribed and arranged for Orchestra Choir, and Rock Band.

Runescape Main Theme by James Hannigan. For orchestra, originally written for online performance in isolation. Transcribing from the original Old-School, midi soundtrack, I wanted to capture the epicness of playing Runescape after-school when I was 13.